A Golden Opportunity to Celebrate the Golden Girls

Remember Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia of Golden Girls with this Officially Licensed 24k Gold Limited Edition Collectible

BUY NOW* *Limited to just 5 units per person for the first 1,000 notes issued.

Limited Printing of Only 4,500

With rising interest in Golden Girls after Betty White’s passing, this limited run will disappear quickly.

Real 24K Gold

For added shine and value, each officially licensed collector note features 24K gold infused intaglio.

Genuine CAG Certification

Authenticated by, each note is serialized and features 20+ security features.


A must-have for any collector, investor or Golden Girls fan.

The Limited Edition Collector Note That Has Expert Collectors Talking

  • When I saw what you had created, I was blown away.”

  • - Mark Salzberg, Certified Collectibles Group (CCG) Founder

  • “It’s absolutely beautiful, and the shimmer on it is incredible.”

  • - Jim Columbus, VeriTrace, Inc. Vice President

  • “You just don’t see this level of security put into a product — extremely rare in a purely collectible item.”

  • - Adam Howerton, Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) Grading Finalizer

What Makes This Collector Note Unlike Anything Else?

Now Available At a Unique Introductory Price of just $149.95


Officially Licensed by ABC

Adding to its provenance, each collector note carries the official ABC logo.

Museum Grade Quality

Earning a 70/70 EPQ score with mint-level printing, each note is of premium quality.

Perfect Timing

An enduring pop culture icon, there’s never been more enthusiasm for Golden Girls.

Thanks to these unique factors, the 24K Golden Girls Limited Edition 24K Gold Note Collectible is seeing immense demand. Add this CAG certified collector note to your collection now!


*Limited to just 5 units per person for the first 1,000 notes issued.


No Collection is Complete Without the Golden Memories of Golden Girls

Following the recent death of Golden Girl, Betty White, this officially licensed collector note is skyrocketing in demand because of the renewed interest and love for the late actress.

With just 4,500 units of this museum-grade collector note in production, this collectible hits the sweet spot of low supply and high demand, a future collector classic.

Celebrating the joy and laughter of Golden Girls, these collector notes were minted utilizing state-of-the-art technology and 20+ security features, earning a 70/70 EPQ score, CAG certification and collector praise.

With genuine 24K gold infused intaglio, UV-visible ink and individual serial numbering, each collector note can be verified as authentic, protecting its long-term value. And, because they’re officially licensed by ABC and carry the ABC logo, there is added provenance and credibility.


To meet market demand, this officially licensed collector note is limited to just 5 units per person—so get yours before they’re gone!


*Limited to just 5 units per person for the first 1,000 notes issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly speaking, a collectible is anything people are passionate about that creates value. It is therefore usually worth far more than its original price and often grows more valuable with time. Passion and excitement fuel collectors --- for a baseball card, a vintage comic book, a rare coin, a rare edition. That passion in turn fuels a market. That is why Elite Coinage Co. is launching its first limited-edition gold note collection with Golden Girls, in alliance with VeriTrace, one of a handful of high-security government document printers in the United States, and Certified Collectibles Group, the world’s leading provider of expert, impartial and tech-enabled services that add value and liquidity to collectibles.

Premiering in 1985, The Golden Girls is one of the best beloved series of all time with a passionate fan base that spans generations. The series follows four young-at-heart friends, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux, and Sophia Petrillo, as they enjoy life and a shared home in sunny Miami. Delighting fans for seven seasons and 180 episodes, all filled with laughter, unforgettable moments, and friendship, the show received numerous industry awards and nominations, and is now reaching new fans through streaming and syndication channels.

The Golden Girls series holds timeless appeal among lifelong fans and audiences discovering the show. Elite Coinage is excited to debut an officially licensed limited printing of no more than 4,500 24K-gold-infused collectible notes featuring The Golden Girls. These notes feature some of the greatest anti-counterfeiting security in the world and high-end intaglio printing inlaid with 24-karat gold. Independent appraisers have awarded these notes with the highest investment grade possible. For fans and collectors alike, this is a unique and incredible memento.

All the notes will start shipping July 22, 2021, the first day of the product’s full launch. The notes are printed and in stock.

The note presented in the acrylic display holder contains the printing and security features but is not officially graded and certified by Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG), a member of the CCG family of independent third-party companies focused on expert authentication, grading, and conservation of collectibles. The certification process activates extra security features, establishes the note’s perfect grade of 70 out of 70, and comes in a CAG tamper-proof case to preserve the note in pristine condition, adding yet another layer of protection and assurance. Not only are you among the first to enjoy this one-of-a-kind note. You are among the first to enjoy this technology that aims to revolutionize the collectibles market.

We are confident that the exhaustive, multilayered printing process, limited edition, and security features make these notes stand out as collectible investments. The CAG certification is generally restricted to museums and estates. Certifying these notes unlocks random fingerprinting security features not even available on high-security government notes. What’s more, the certification holder itself is secured. If you love Golden Girls collectibles, we believe this note is a “must-have.”

Elite's technology is the cornerstone of our product. It was developed over more than two years through an exclusive partnership arrangement with VeriTrace, one of a handful of high-security printers specializing in high-security government documents, with gold-inlaid printing, more than 20 security features – many not commercially available until now – and added processes such as random fingerprint identification technologies. We have carefully constructed these features to make counterfeiting impossible.

A good first step is to examine the intaglio border. If the note is ungraded, you can actually remove the note from its casing and feel the raised intaglio print. For both graded and ungraded versions, you can see the shimmer in natural light or view more detail and reflection under a magnifying glass with a built-in light. To detect otherwise invisible inks and fibers, you will need to buy a specific UV light of 365 nanometers (nm), inexpensive and widely available on Amazon or eBay.

Our goal is ambitious and simple: to offer peace of mind to collectors, investors, brands, and partners by elevating the collectibles market further into a solid asset class for investors. With increasing sophistication in technology and certification, the collectibles market is evolving from an emerging asset class to an accepted alternative asset. The Certified Collectibles Group, an umbrella of seven grading services, is expanding with a surge in demand as its certification methods grow more powerful. Elite Coinage is proud to be a leader in elevating collectibles as an asset class and setting new standards. There has never been a better time for educated collectors and investors.


*Limited to just 5 units per person for the first 1,000 notes issued.

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A total of 4,500 individual notes were produced, including 3,300 regular edition notes, 350 two-note matching pair sets, and 500 publisher proofs. Commercially reasonable variations between digital proof and finished product may exist. Consumer segment: Young adult (18 To 24), adult (25+). Warning: Before using tools for inspection (e.g. UV light, magnifier, laser, etc.), read and follow the operating and safety instructions The Golden Girls under license from ©ABC Signature ©Elite Coinage Co.